We produce dies and machinery for jewellery. Our company was born in the early 1980’s and is distinguished due to the quality of the products. The path leading the company to where it stands today, consists of professionalism and constancy. Today, in a market which has changed very much and has become worldwide, TEKA is a company that has known how to transform itself in order to remain competitive.
This transformation has become dynamic and versatile: new and efficient machinery, designed specifically for the goldsmith industry and the willingness to offer clients a personalised service. The consolidated experience we have in the stamping field today, has been supported and reinforced by the development of automation systems for goldsmith and silversmith manufacturing processes. The company’s production consists of almost all the equipment and accessories for dies in relation to precious metals: stamps for link chains, earrings, rings and medals, stamps and identification marks, stamping presses, stamping systems for ingots, wire and sheet metal profiling machines, new and modern electronic solders.
Today, the company’s attention is drawn towards the continuous development of research, experimenting new solutions and focusing on technological development, and their intention is to provide continuously improved services and products.


Molds and equipment for chains, Moulds for rings, earrings Moulds, Moulds for medals, Stamps and marks of identification, Presses.
Providing high quality tools is part of our philosophy. We use CNC machines along with best components and the best raw materials available on the market.We perform accurate post production, quality controls to measure steel hardness and we test the product before delivery.
This allows us to provide tools and machines which are reliable and ready to produce efficiently. We strive to make our dies and machinery not only reliable but also simple and intuitive to use; our manuals are easy to understand and they often come with video instructions – all this in order to ensure the client a fast, sure and profitable production. Our products are always designed to be exported, which means they can be used in places where long periods of time may go by before assistance is given, even in the most distant countries.
For this reason, spare parts for the components subject to more wear and tear, are included in the purchase price of each machine or tool produced. We provide a 12-month guarantee on our entire range of products. Spare parts have priority in our production cycle and are usually shipped within a few days.






Piazza A. Volta, 7
52040 Pieve al Toppo (AR) Italy
Tel: +39 0575 497766

Contact: Gabriele Testi