LM s.r.l. was founded in 1971 by Lando Mario after his work experience in the mechanical sector.
The tenaciousness, farsightedness and perseverance have enabled the company to manufacture over 10.000 machines sold all over the world.
To meet the needs of electroplating industry, Lando Mario began planning the fi rst centrifuges, used by the drying of small galvanized; this area was fertile ground to start and increase production.
In the early ‘80s, the astute insight to broaden the horizons pushed Lando Mario to design and manufacturing the fi rst machines for the fi nishing of precious metal and industrial.
The company offered the market a complete range of products targeted to the treatment and metal fi nishing soon becoming a landmark of the world market and industrial gold sector.
In recent years, the labor contribution of soons of the owner has brought the company to transform itself from a craft to an industrial one.
The company offered the market a complete product range to treat and fi nish metals soon becoming a world market reference point in the goldsmith and industrial sectors.
The technological evolution was what has further favoured the modernisation and productive effi ciency of machines, now part of advanced automatic plants built by LM and managed by PLC and advanced software.
With the experience gained in over 40 years of history, LM has recently expanded its product range by developing technologies for heat treatment of metals.
With its commitment to provide customers a more complete and innovative process, LM has specialized in the production of heating systems in the centrifuge, belt furnaces and specifi cally for the foundry industry, manufactures linear burners, preheat systems, at low temperature ovens and furnaces for heat treatment of metals.
All these types of machineries can be automated according to the needs of the customer.
All machines are fully built at the company and the entire production process is monitored by competent technicians trained and qualifi ed.
The facility boasts of an modern carpentry, turning, assembly, warehouse and advanced testing area.
LM is now managed by his three sons Walter, Doris and Denis, and since 2011 the company has branched into 3 areas:

FINISHING SYSTEMS – Jewellery sector

CENTRIFUGAL SOLUTIONS – Centrifugal machine – Automatic systems

FURNACES & CONVEYORS – Fournaces, ovens and automatic systems

The care and assistance provided to our customers makes the LM of to enjoy the esteem and consideration in every industry worldwide.


Today more than ever, reliability and quality are that value added something on which, along with technological evolution, we have built our past and are now building our future.
To be able to operate effectively we need maximum rapidity and flexibility in developing know-how and professional skills. That is why we aim to be able to handle needs expressed by Customers as fast as possible, with the best, fullest solution possible.
Thus LM Finishing Systems has the following goals:
• continuously aim for “Total Quality” targeted at full Customer satisfaction;
• aim for ongoing research and development into products and services satisfying sector needs;
• guarantee our customers ongoing product development based on its reliability and practicality;
• give Customers answers and solutions as fast as possible with the best, fullest solution.






Strada del Confine, 35/A
36050 Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta (VI) Italy
Tel: +39 0424 84617

Contact: Lando Denis