Pandora Alloys produces a range of about two hundred alloys, including all possible colours: from white to deepest red, through all the shades of yellow. Our alloys are produced for all carats and all working processes; from the most specific ones (like alloy for casting only in vacuum machines), to more generic alloys (“universal” for all working processes). Obviously the company also offers a wide choice from the most complex alloys to simpler and more economical ones. Besides, all the white alloys are offered with a test of conformity to the law about nickel release.

Solders are produced to match the alloys. There are various temperatures available (we have up to six for 18kt yellow). They are suitable for every working process, colour and carat and are all cadmium-free.

Rhodium is one of our most successful products. Its success proves that we can offer it to our customers as one of the best rhodium plating solutions presently on the market.
Our web site: provides the opportunity of seeing the up-to-date production, news and services. By subscribing the website, our customers can get acess to many services, such as: downloading technical charts, submitting orders or requests through a privileged channel. The commercial offers and special discounts published on the website are only available to registered users.

Our Company has always offered technical assistance, both at our offices and directly on our customers’ firm. The service is completely free and it is offered both for our own products and in general on all stages of processing that require the use of any product supplied by Pandora.


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