OROSTUDIO was founded in 1988 by one of the most qualified technicians in the business, Mr. Lino Zorzi, as a consulting firm specialized in technological transfer of know-how for all phases of precious metal transformation, from alloy composition to final finishing, more specifically for chain, casting, and hollow tube production. In 1991, the company evolved into OROSTUDIO ’Italy’ Srl , aiming not only to supply technical assistance, but to innovate and focus on new industry requirements , especially in designing new factory layouts and supplying turn-key projects. During those years, research at OROSTUDIO ’Italy’ Srl evolved considerably, focusing on manufacturing and offering specialized equipment for the chemical treatment of precious metals , so small and medium-sized industries could operate independently. By 2012, this dedication to research and development allowed Orostudio ‘Italy’ Srl to offer its clients the world’s first fully automatic line of refining systems , its DRONE series, and supply clients ranging from small jewelers to precious metals mining companies.
Automatic precious metals refining with our DRONES is an indispensable and cost-effective process for all producers with high quality standards and targets. In-house refining with OROSTUDIO ‘Italy’ Srl automatic DRONE refining systems will yield immediate results :
• reduce pure gold stocks since total refining process for ready gold requires maximum 4 hours;
• improve precious metal quality : better than outsourcing , you will always process your own metal;
• cut down on costs :precious metal loss equal to 0% , low maintenance , no taxes, shipment , insurance or other fees related to outsourcing;
• resolve production problems : with in-house refining, your precious metal will regain its original characteristics , offering higher results in all productive phases, right down to final product;
• no need for skilled personnel : with our DRONE series of fully automatic refining plants, the most complex operations such as acids calculation, dissolution, reduction and discharging are performed automatically.


OROSTUDIO ‘ Italy’ Srl also produces and supplies the following items and services :
• Gold and Silver Electrolytic Refining Plants
• Environment Control Devices for Fumes Neutralization and Water Treatment
• Analysis Labs
• Hollowing Plants
• GPC Production Plants
• Vacuum Generators
• Complementary Equipment : Granulator Tanks, Anode Molds , Cementing Tanks, Chillers, Demineralized Water Production Systems, etc.
• All the above are supplied with setup, training and optional building and machine layouts.






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