Magimex Italia designs, manufactures high precision parts and tools used in jewelry manufacturing, watches manufacturing, eyewear and other applications where micro mechanics and high precision are required.

Beginning in 1992 Magimex Italia serves a worldwide base of customers and our customers rely to us for our:

• quality products
• assistance in studying operational improvements and suggest the best possible solution
• after sale service if required
• Staff training to our Customer’s workers

The majority of our products is tailored according to our Customers requirements

In addition to designing and manufacturing a market-leading range of consumable tools and parts used in the production of beautiful jewels and watches.

Magimex is present in over 40 countries and participates in all the industry leader trade fair worldwide, i.e. T-GOLD (Vicenza, Italy), JEWELLER EXPO UKRAINE (Kiev, Ukraine), ISTANBUL JEWELRY SHOW (Istanbul, Turkey),VIETNAM and many others.


• diamond and PCD tools
• precision tools for chain machines
• special tools for watch making
• stamping and coining dies, also for gold bars and coins
• special machines
• micro mechanical parts, directly produced at our site for our customers
• precision laser marking





Via Chiuppese 9
36010 Monticello C. Otto (VI) Italy
Tel +39 0444 596394
Mob. +39 393 0551010

Contact: Paolo Giovannini