The company was born in 1986 at the hands of Alessandro Monnanni, manager within his partners Maria and Simone of STIL MEC, work activity unique in its genre, that tries to challenge the goldsmith rules using technics and knoledge experienced in almost 40 years of know how.The deformation and transformation of metal through specific machine and equipment for stamping, moulding and cutting, are our primary activities well known to many leading international companies in our sector.

Our business offers solutions to specific problems that arise in the production of jewellery and goldsmith, using a team of highly qualified people.

STIL MEC it makes itself available to its customers to promote and encourage the factory processing of gold.

Our activities area and conulting is focused on working processes, toolings production, machinery and solution of small and big problems concerning specific productive processes of this sector.

The proposed solutions are concentrated on the needings of the entire goldsmith sector, allowing international companies to become for us front-door-like partners, with a close 360° service.

Appreciations received over the years of activity encourage us every day to be present in the global market.


STIL MEC proposes a broad range of machineries of standard type for the jewellery making farm and over that we produce special machines, fitting all of its customers’ production needs.





Via Ernesto Rossi 29
52100 Arezzo Italy
Tel: +39 0575 353064

Contacts: Alessandro Foglini