Our firm was established on 1953 under the name “PIETRO & ALDO BAILO” (P.A.B.) as cast iron and other metals foundry and workshop of machines for goldsmiths. In that period the factory was situated in Novi Ligure and produced in serial rolling and breaking-down mills 140 and 160 mm, roughters, friction presses, drawingbenches and a complete line of small equipments for goldsmiths and silversmiths which are still in use today. All over the years, the company grows up, increasing the product range, and transfers its location to the bigger and more functional seat in Basaluzzo, changing the name in “BAILO ALDO & FIGLIO S.r.l.”.
In 2000 our company opens the second factory next to the principal unit, for a total surface of 4300 sqm. Here our technicians design and produce wholly more than 100 models of machines and tools for goldsmiths, silversmiths and watch factories, using high technology and modern productive solutions such as machines cnc and cad/cam design.


Our philosophy is offering practical and functional machines, giving great importance to the safety devices, but also looking at the design. This philosophy, tanks to more than 50 years of experience and to the direct contact with the everyday jewellery world allows us to incorporate all the requirement of our customers and to transfer them in a short time into our equipments.
We offer the maximum productive quality, a concrete pre- and post- sale service and an optimum ratio quality-price.
Our business is articulated into three lines:

The production of machinery and tools for the jeweller’s field ( made in our factories);

The distribution by wholesale and retail of all the expendable materials, tools and accessories for goldsmiths, silversmiths and watchmakers, for the small shops either than for the bigger and most exclusive jewellery ( all tools and accessories are available on stock );

Retail-sale into our showroom for all the range of our products.





Via torino, 4
15060 Basaluzzo (AL) Italy
Tel.: +39 0143 489791

Contact: Roberto Bailo

Web: http://www.bailotools.com
Mail: info@bailotools.com