For twenty-five years “in class” by the master of the Valenza jewellers , Garbarino & Titonel has gained the necessary experience and knowledge of the problems of the area, which ranks as a leader of machines and plants for precious metals.
If the “team building” is a concept still elusive for the area, the sharing of the objectives is however a practical way. Garbarino & Titonel stands on the same wavelength of the customer and produces according to his needs, without mistaking. And it’s more than a quarter of a century since the company starts working with and on behalf of Valenza’s most prestigious fine jewelry like small workshops: in Valenza, one to the other, make up the cream of the world’s jewelry production. Valenza as a school of quality and perfectionism: the value of Garbarino & Titonel sinks its roots in this unique place, where the monoculture of the product has generated a leader, followed, success, innovation, love for beauty and for the well- done. The company Garbarino & Titonel has learned to never be satisfied, first unyielding judge of his work requests generated by the more “difficult”, more demanding, more exclusive, transformed into a series of sophisticated equipment and machinery, able to make a difference in terms of precision, optimization and value for anyone, big or small. All this is attributed to the performance of the product they want and must be long lasting. Not for this Garbarino & Titonel neglects the service. What indeed is the other flagship thanks to a staff that provides the necessary information so that the machinery purchased to ensure maximum production efficiency promise. With this approach, this Valenza’s company has certainly struggled to impose his own name in the export markets and develop their business, however, always respecting high standards to which it is accustomed and which does not intend to compromise. The offering of Garbarino & Titonel consists in benches for goldsmiths, by welding (hydrogen generators) for precious metals by magnetic tumblers and polishing, from galvanic, and then polished, ventilation and filtration systems for wastewater recovery of gold.


Goldsmith Equipment
Garbarino and Titonel offers to its customers a complete range of the most innovative machinery and equipment for the jewelers and jewelry factory such as LASER WELDER JEEG or GALVANIC EQUIPMENT with the latest technology.
Our company also provides all consumer products that provide excellent performance of our machines such as our WHITE RHODIUM BATH “WHITE ICE”, or the NEW SUPER BLACK RUTHENIUM already chosen by Goldsmith’s Most Important Factories.





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