Since 1993 Orotig Spa produces and markets melting machines and LASER equipment.
The range of casting machines produced by Orotig uses TIG technology combined with the system of casting and inert atmosphere. This type of equipment, patented by Orotig allows the realization of mergers particularly accurate in Platinum, Palladium, Titanium and Steel.
The range of laser welding includes tabletop models of various sizes and power ratings up to 200J of energy delivered. The LASER welders Orotig have been designed with the specific intent to meet the micro-soldering needs of professionals in the jewelry industry, from the small workshop to the big goldsmith jewelry industry. The LASER welding products allow you to work in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Titanium.
The latest technology developed by Orotig is the laser for marking and cutting with power ratings from 10W to 50W, with which you can mark and cut flat and curved surfaces with precision, easily and accurately. Special adapters allow you to mark and engrave the whole and external side of rings or bangles. It is possible tu cut metal “strip” in total automation thanks to a system that allows an easy and rapid series production of special designs or written, pre-processed in the computer.


• Gold sector: Laser Marking – Laser Welding – Casting machine
• Dental sector: Casting machine – Laser Welding – CAD-CAMS





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