Giusti Tech srl – GB Meccanica is leading Company in goldsmithery field since 1973. It is involved in the production and marketing of jewelry machineries for goldsmith, silver and costume jewellery.
Our range includes coilers, traditional or digital rolling mills, cutting machines, shearing machines, saws, forming machines, tubing machines, beating machines, diamond cutting machines, satin finish machines, round and oval bending machines, chain machines (Venetian, balls, link studs), kilns, hammering, machines for earrings and for bracelets.
We boast also a modern department about kits and equipments where we can work out shearing machines, dies, draw-benches, twisting machines, spare parts for screws,nicked or smooth wheels, welder’s helmet, ejection pins, gauge pin for bracelets and earrings (round, oval, drops, hearts, square televisore and so on), chain flatting machines, calipers.
Moreover our technical staff will be ready to solve any request of yours, employing solutions always new and technologically up-to-dated.


Our production is composed from one wide range of jewelry machineries for goldsmiths:
• Hammering Machine for wire design and for creating several effects like diamond cut
• Winding machine can be used for various types of production: Continuos winding of hollow or solid wires of any shape or size
• Round Calender is able to round calender and profile into different shapes
• Machine for Rolled and screw-Threaded Pins lets to realize pins for earrings with one or two grooves and adjustable length.
• Engraving machine-Knurling can be supplied with 2 or 3 wheels depending on the type of incision desired.
• Spring and pipes cutter machine permits the cutting of both hollow and solid pipes with no waste
• Hollow wire machine automatically draws metal strip over iron by passing it through a group of wheels
• Jewelry Rolling mill diameter d40 let to control the thickness and the width with a tolerance of 2 micron
• Satin tube machine lets to satin tubes in round sections using 4 pneumatic satinators with diamond tip.
• Automatic tube cutting machine has the function of cutting automatically, hollow or solid tubes of all shapes and materials with high precision and continuity in the cut of the measurement required.
• Tube Forming Profiling machine is supported in a solid structure for the realization of soldering tubes of any size and shape (round, oval etc.).
• Single multiple shearing machine allows the user to work either in single adjustable cut or multiple cut mode.
• Ball machine lets to realize balls in different shapes and the diameter can be chenged from 6 mm to 12 mm by the simple substitution of the dies.
• Rosary Chain machine producing a chain made up of wire and beads .
• Machine for balls with 1 hole with 1 hole lets to realize balls with single hole and the diameter can be chenged from 2 mm to 8 mm by the simple substitution of the equipment composed by stamping die and closing die.
• Ball Rolling Machine which calibrates balls 






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