FASTI INDUSTRIALE has been designing and constructing automatic chain making machines for more than 60 years.
The serious professional approach associated with high quality and reliable products rendered the brand of FASTI known worldwide as a hallmark for unfailing precision.


The wide range of FASTI chain making machines launched in the market for more than 50 years, constructed in accordance to its tradition based on absolute prestigious technological concepts and continuous innovation, has left its trace in the modern history of the worldwide chain market.

Fasti proposes itself as an ideal partner for the production of high quality chain by placing a complete line of machines at its customer’s disposal. Machines with constant improvements on reliability and increase in production speed for optimising production costs.
In addition to supplying chain making machines, Fasti is also a perfect partner for newborn customers in the chain production market and customers who constantly strive to introduce new chain models. With its rich and lengthy experience in the market, it is in an advantageous position to present and plan a complete installation layout from the fusion process to its finished end product.
The serious operational approach combined with quality and reliability of its products has placed Fasti as a market leader in the automatic chain making machine production. The brand “FASTI” is renown worldwide and is synonymous to absolute precision, high quality and total reliability.





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