Riacetech Srl was founded in 2006 from the idea of Giovanni Lejkowski. It is based in Arezzo, the Tuscan heart of the jewelery sector. A dynamic and technologically advanced company, it focuses its core business on the creation of innovative wax injectors, fully controllable and programmable. It provides all the companies in the functionalities and configurations, that are suitable for Industry 4.0 and meet all the needs of the jewelery and fashion accessories world. It also provides a rich variety of consumable products. Riacetech expresses the results of its constant desire for innovation and research for perfection in and new ideas and suggestions for optimizing internal processes and the final result. casting industry with a wide range of totally automatic and certified machines, all with different a product that is a guarantee of high quality, offering constant technical support to the consumer


RiaceWax has managed to transfer its technological know-how to the goldsmith field, focusing on the production of an innovative machinery which, thanks to its continuous progress and advancements, keeps pace with market demands. The new RiaceWax modular system optimizes the wax injection process, contributing to the reduction of waste and effort, always guaranteeing excellent results and a precise dosage of melted wax inside the mold.


  • ENDURA LINE – The injector of the ENDURA line combines an aggressive design with an essential line that characterizes and enhances its resistance and robustness, in a machine with a slim line. It’s available in one or two stations and eleven different clamp sizes.
  • INTUITIVE LINE – The INTUITIVE line injector combines a refined design enhanced by a powerful 10″ PC interface allowing 4.0 interconnection. It’s available in one or two workstations with eleven different terminal sizes.
  • AUTOMATIC BELT SYSTEM INTUITIVEFully automated system with horizontal loading of the moulds by means of conveyor belts allowing an unlimited mix of mould sizes, designed for those who want to automate their production processes in a simple and unrestricted manner.
  • EXTRUDED WAX – Unique in producing wax by means of an additional step on an extruder that allows waxes suitable for making thin, flexible parts with constant characteristics that do not change over time, during melting or at different temperatures.



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