B.T.T. Italy is a company specialized in the study and conception of chemical processes and in the design, engineering and construction of plants for treatment, recovery and refining of precious metals, such as: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium etc., of base metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, iron, aluminum etc., and rare earths.

B.T.T. Italy is present all over the world. Over time it has collaborated with governments, companies on all continents, becoming partners of large industrial companies, mines and companies specializing in the processing of precious and non-precious metals.

The processes carried out by B.T.T. provide for the treatment of raw materials coming from the goldsmith, mining, electronic and industrial waste sectors, up to obtaining high purities, even higher than 99.99%.
Since 1979 the company has been a leader in this sector, has the strength by an internal research and development center and collaboration with various reference universities, which make it able to face any challenge or process in relation to any new or different material.

The enhancement of internal skills and the search for more efficient, safe and faster solutions has always characterized the company policy, even allowing it to revolutionize its reference market, inventing the first rotating reactors.

Combining artisanal approach and industrial organization B.T.T. is able to design and build custom-made and project-based systems, but at the same time to serve evolved customers and particularly complex orders. The after-sales department is able to accompany the customer along its path of growth, helping it promptly to resolve even those small everyday situations that can be found to face.


– creation of chemical processes for the recovery of precious and non-precious metals
– design, realization and installation of:
– plants for the treatment, recovery and refining of precious and non-precious metals of all types and sizes of starting materials
– machinery for the goldsmith industry
– mining facilities
– plants for the thermal and chemical treatment of WEEE
– plants for chemical-physical and thermal treatment of industrial catalysts and the automotive sector
– complete chemical analysis laboratories
– all types and sizes of galvanic plants
– smoke abatement systems
– treatment of incoming water and exhausted liquids
– training service for the use of machinery, for carrying out manual and automated operations, as well as for coaching on chemical processes.
– R&D service
– chemical and chemical-physical analysis of the materials to be treated
– support in planning and industrial feasibility
– support in business management



B.T.T. Italia SRL

Via G. Pastore, 10 – 52100 Arezzo – Italy
Tel: +39 0575 356841

Contact: Dr. Tanganelli Federico