C.I.M.O. is a manufacturing Company producing specific machines for the Goldsmith industry and it is located at
Vigevano (PV) forty km.south of Milan. The Company is managed by Barettoni brothers: Gianluigi, Luca and Elisabetta and thanks to over forty years experience of their father mr. Gianfranco, they are also carrying a dealer shop in Valenza : one of the most important jewellery producing area for “ made in italy “ design. C.I.M.O. is directly marketing and selling its products to the domestic market and for export the Company have set up a skilled and professional distribution network offering know-how and after sale service to C.I.M.O. products purchasers. The peculiarity of C.I.M.O. units is the design and the production of unique machines minded to obtain the best quality results with the most modern technical performances. C.I.M.O. more than machine producer is also offering lay-out, know-how and training for the lost wax process related to the precious metal casting.


C.I.M.O. SRL produces and offers a wide range of specific machines for the latest technology requirements.
ST.LOUIS: Vacuum investment mixers for the jewelry investment process. A patented unique system on the market
for the degasification of water and powder before mixing under vacuum by using adjustable speed and mixing time.
Flask filling under vacuum and with vibration. Mixing capacity from 500 grams to 24 kg. with single and/or multiple flask filling for each single mixing process.
SIL –MIX : Vacuum mixers for liquid silicone ( two components ). Mixing with adjustable speed and timiong, moulds filling with direct pouring under vacuum and vibration. Different mixing capacity.
DISPENSER – LIFT: Lift column with powder tank dispenser for investment loading into the mixing chamber without contamination and pollution of dust in the working area. Powder capacity from 25 kg. up to 300 kg.
Machine and plant made on special customer request.
AUTOMATIC CLEAN: Washing machine for St. Louis mixing container and mixing blade.
ANGEL: Polishing benches for finishing and shining process on jewelry, watches, spectacles and small objects.
Single and double working place with air – water recovery and filtration. Angel polishing benches are unique and patented machines that allows a very clean and safe polishing process with absolutely complete recovery of polishing paste dust, cotton and hair residues and precious metal particles. Very high grade of shining result thanks to the machine features.
CLEAN CAST: Unit for the investment breaking from the casting flasks and for water jet spray cleaning of the casted tree. Wash cabin with underproof lighting and side recovery tank.
MIX – CAST: workshop tabletop unit for vacuum mixing and casting by using an electrical melter up to 1150° celsius. Vacuum pump for both operativity and temperature control for precious metal melting.
Direct casting under vacuum. Capacity from 200gr. up to kg.2 , 18 karats gold.
MILANO: steam dewaxing unit completely built in stainless steel.
CERATOR: wax welding pen for wax model sprue attachment to the casting tree.
Suitable for wax modelling and carving.
SPEEDY TREE: Unit device for the wax tree forming.
SPECIAL UNIT: department for the study and development of special machines on special request.




C.I.M.O. s.r.l

Corso Novara 171/B
27029 Vigevano (PV) Italia
Tel. +39 0381 82 193

Contact: Gianluigi Barettoni