Since 2013 Tera Automation has placed efficiency and process improvement at the heart of its wide range of automated solutions for precious metal processing and numerical control (CNC) machines. Tera’s solutions, which can be installed as simple stand-alone machines but are also designed to be integrated with each other if required, can also be customised to meet the different needs of its customers, with a particular focus on production improvement and valorisation of human resources.of research, experimenting new solutions and focusing on technological development, and their intention is to provide continuously improved services and products.


  • T-Line: T-Line™ is the first module production line in the world that can manufacture precious metal bars in a fully automated way. It includes all specific units necessary to carry out each production step and shows a high degree of flexibility and customization. Each operation is carried out in a sequence one after the other, as the product moves along the production flow; the production line modules can be combined and modified according to specific process requirements.
  • T-Barmaster Spaceless: the first induction tunnel furnace without spacers for ingot production. The ‘Spaceless’ concept was born with the ambition to optimise the qualities of T-Barmaster furnaces to the maximum, resulting in less space, less consumption and consistently excellent performance.
  • IT Onecast: is a system for the production of top-quality Good Delivery bars in a single production cycle.
    It allows the molten metal to be dosed directly into the mold, avoiding the grain production phase.
  • T-Grains: automated system for the production of high quality gold and silver grains consisting of several machines: a remote-controlled tilting furnace, a heated die, a temperature-controlled graining tank with the Pinch double valve and a bucket conveyor belt called T-Lift.
  • T-Dosing: a high precision automatic dosing machine to dose metal grains down to the milligram. Tera Automation has designed the T-Dosing machine so that it can handle two different metals – gold and silver – without cross-contamination.
  • T-Finishing: is a system for serializing and stamping precious metal ingots that considerably optimizes production levels. The standard machine configuration includes a hydraulic press for the logo stamping and a micro-dot marking machine for the serialization of numerical data. However, thanks to its circular shape, the machine can be equipped with many integration tools, such as the laser marking machine or an optical visor (T-Photo Viewer) for quality control.
  • Minting line: A complete line of selected machinery and accessories, tailored for each production target.
    From plate casting to packaging of minted bars and proof coins, T-Minting Line if the definitive answer for a consistently growing segment of the bullion & refining sector.
  • T-Flexicell: robotic cell for CNC machine tending. T-Flexicell can handle several vises both as part of a single process (the same operation is repeated on several vises), or in a multiprocessing (different operations across several vises). The most distinctive feature is definitely its flexible application: as a matter of fact, the cell is able to process components with different shapes and sizes thanks to an infeed system which allows loading items randomly.





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