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20094 Corsico (MI) Italy
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Contacts: Franco Vellani
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Pandora was established in 1954 and since then its core-business has been the creation of alloys, with a constant eye on increasing production and improving quality. Thanks to the founder’s experience as high jewellery producer, Pandora’s alloys have been formulated to solve every technical problem that might arise in jewellery productions.

As a natural progression in its development, Pandora improved its production of bronze and brass with a larger choice of options.

The third step in the company life has been the developement of devices and consumables for the galvanic process necessary for finishing. Pandora has recently added some new products to classic Rhodium and gold plating: some new lacquers highly appreciated by fashion operators.

Finally, in 2008 and in 2011, Pandora acquired two companies specialized in sales of jewellery tools and consumables. These two final steps completed the structure which made Pandora play an important role in the world of jewellery.

Today Pandora is a company at the forefront of the field and it offers a range of services that includes technical consultancies for the best use of our alloys, goldsmith tools and consumables, which are organized in the four departments: alloys and solders, brass and bronze, electroplating, jewellery supplies.
All products are available either at our own branches or at our authorized dealers located in the most important jewellery manufacturing centres in Italy and worldwide.