ORO FRANCO di Franco Yuri
Via dell’Artigianato, 13
36050 Bolzano Vicentino (VI)

Tel.: 0444 350920
Fax: 0444 350900

Web: www.francofranco.it
Mail: info@francofranco.it

Contatto: Yuri Franco

FotoAzienda_2ORO FRANCO is an Italian company located near Vicenza, the Italian city of gold, and represents the arrival point of 50 years of experience of its founder who started in this business in 1963.
ORO FRANCO produces:
- Rolling mills for plate and wire
- Hydraulic presses
- Diamond cutting machines for rings, medals, crosses, cufflinks, tiepins and flat objects
- Special machines on our customers’ request.
ORO FRANCO has its strong point in the production of machines and equipments for wedding rings, flat and half round, standard and comfort, shiny and diamond cut, composite and multicolor.
ORO FRANCO deals also with second hand regenerated machinery and has a well provided warehouse where the customer can find the best of Italian technology at good prices and with quality guarantee.