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36057 Arcugnano (VI) Italy
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Contact: Michele Adda


Profilo aziendale

O.M.P.A.R. Company was founded in 1964, as hig precision workshop, and is one of the first Italian Companies to produce Diamond Cutting Machine for the world market .
The Company manufactures and sells patented machines for the processing of all kind of jewellery and, in particular: chains, beads, ball-chains, wedding-rings, bangles, plaques, medals and flat objects.
The range of our products includes various models of manual, automatic and electronic machines which can be customized according to specific need.
Thanks to the internal technical department and to the computerised supports developed, we are able to provide the design of more and more valid technical solutions fitting the most specific requirements of the world of jewellery.
In addition, O.M.P.A.R. manufactures customized equipment aimed to satisfy other industry fields thanks to the experience and the universally recognized quality and reliability of its products.


The products range includes OMPAR patented machines such as:

Machinery for the finishing of chains; they are fast, easy to use and extremely flexible.

Multifunctional equipment up to 12 CNC axes that allow to easily transfer drawings acquired from any source: the different jewellery superlative quality.

Diamond Cutting CNC machines to decorate, respectively, ball-chains and beads, with any design.

Diamond Cutting Machines to make fanciful decorations on convex chains like: “omega” and similar ones such as: twisted, convex hammered snake chains.

CNC equipment for working on particular products and customized according to customer requirements

The technical staff of O.M.P.A.R. is at clients disposal in order to satisfy all their different needs.