Azienda1Via della Cultura, 17
36050 Sovizzo (VI) Italia
Tel: +39 0444 376245
Fax: +39 0444 536066

Contact: Roberto Bassanese


Company Profile
INVIMEC was founded in 1963 in Vicenza, for the production of special machine tools for the mechanics, plastics, textile, automotive etc. industries. Jewellery industry became the core business, with the introduction in the 1980s of a pioneer innovation: the train rolling mill system for wire and strip, passing over the old concept of rolling mill. In 1996 the company moved to new and larger site, at the border of Vicenza, near the Trade Fair. Now INVIMEC stands alone on the market in offering the most diversified range of solutions, from the simplest and most economical to the most technologically advanced machines for preparation: – rolling mills and train of rolls for wire and strip – forming machines for hollow,aggraffato,placcato,rope,pipe – rolls for rolling mills and forming machine


  • Wire train of rolls for solid and hollow chain.
  • Strip train of rolls for findings, raw material ,stamped and sheared items .
  • Strip train of rolls for sheared /clasped chain ,fox tail chain , ball chain and snake chain.
  • Flattening rolling mills for venetian chain
  • Rolling mills for wire –plate for semi-finished products ,stamped and plated items .
  • Forming machine for hollow chain (aggraffato), rope chain ,spring rings,plated ,and beads
  • Multiple Shears machine
  • Professional line machines for earrings and bangles production