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Company profile
INNOTEK TECHNOLOGY SRL has been operating for more than twenty-five years in the jewelry sector and in the recovery and processing of precious metals, serving its customers with its expertise and technicians to assure maximum quality and maximum flexibility, as required by the market. Innotek is very attentive to the eco-sustainability of the manufactured systems and machinery and, in fact, the smoke removal systems developed by the company was presented at the WORLD RESOURCES FORUM in Davos (Switzerland) as one of the most innovative solutions for the neutralization of atmospheric emissions generated in the precious metals refining work cycles.
Our factory assures the customization of the manufactured machines and systems, thus allowing the customer to have a production cycle that suits its needs, creating a complete scheme of work, starting from the melting of the alloy till the discharge of the waste water -always in compliance with all provisions imposed by the European Union.
Moreover, Innotek supports the customers throughout the planning of the work till the completion of the same, as well as also after the sale to provide customers with all the assistance required to establish a cooperation and development relation that will last over the years.

– Chemical Gold Refining
– Platinum refining
– Palladium refining
– Fume abatement systems
– Copper core dissolvers
– Iron core dissolvers
– Incinerators
– Chemical treatment of ashes
– Gold electrolysis
– Silver Electrolysis
– Copper Electrolysis
– Water treatment
– Analysis laboratories for precious metals