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52010 Capolona (AR)
Telefono: +39 0575 421147
Fax: +39 0575 422987

Contact: Stefano Gallorini


Company Profile
Relatively young Company that has the support of about 35 years of experience in gold/silver sector of the founders. GALLORINI is characterized by a dynamic and ongoing research to keep on line with the times of an ever-xpanding field. Specializing in gold and silver alloys, it also widens the field with other products such as brass, bronze and alpaca.
Our strengths are the alloys with high plastic deformations for difficult final products such as mechanical deformation of the chain and hollow machine chains and tube in gold or silver, where we do not fear comparisons.
The casting is an area where we have focused our research in recent times, with the production of alloys with always more modern technologies.

Meltings and premeltings are done with the aid of modern equipment and technology to ensure consistency along the time and quality.
Another area of our production are soldering powders, our pride. Our soldering powders are mixed with high quality products, processed and packed in a humidity controlled atmosphere to ensure the highest quality. In addition, the grain is always guaranteed and controlled by the use of modern machinery.
For the soldering process, we have developed some kind of flux powders for easy welding of hollow chains.
The range of products in both, alloys and soldering powders is large and covers all fields where need a quality product , stable and constant over time.