FIOA INTERNATIONAL SRLfoto-aziendaVia Ramelli N. 35
52100 Arezzo (AR) Italy
Tel: +39 0575 357452
Fax: +39 0575 324839

Contact: Guglielmo Caprai


Company Profile
FIOA INTERNATIONAL historic brand in projecting, manufacturing and sale of goldsmith equipments and plants has always been a guarantee of top quality, efficiency and innovation. Highly specialized in the production of precious metals recovery and refining plants and ISO standard assay laboratories for precious metals, FIOA INTERNATIONAL is appreciated world-wide thanks to its constant development and distinguishes itself by the professionalism demonstrated in many years of successful activity. For these reasons the name FIOA INTERNATIONAL is synonymous of quality and guarantee.

Plants and equipments for precious metals recovery and refining, Refining plants for Silver, Assay laboratories for precious metals according to ISO standard, Fast removal of precious stones by chemical way, Galvanic plants, Chemical brightening units, Ice lathes for chains diamond cutting, Electronic Scales, Centrifuges, Crucibles, Water demineralisers, Melting furnaces, Ashes processing plants, Lost wax casting equipments, Rolling mills, Drawing machines, Drawing dies, Polishing benches, Chemical products, Soldering powders for chains, Enamels, Tooling for goldsmiths and Consumables.