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36065 Mussolente (VI) Italy
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Web: www.eurotecniche.com
Giovanni Loria (Sales director) giovanni@eurotecniche.com
Silvia Camon (Sales manager) sales@eurotecniche.com

Company Profile

EUROTecniche Srl is an Italian company set in Vicenza in the early nineties, specialized in galvanic processes and machineries, metal finishing treatments and precious metal refinery plants.
It is nowadays a worldwide leader, thanks to its specific know–how, the constant search of quality and efficient and innovative solutions for any customer’s need.
EUROTecniche offers a wide range of machineries, specific items and processes, and consumable products for metal surface treatments, especially, for jewellery producers. It grants the most skilled technicians and the highest reliability, with branches in all main markets, to guarantee prompt and qualified assistance, appropriate consultancy and professional after sale service, too.
EUROTecniche also provides specific plant set up and training, both in the headquarter and locally.
Know-How, Quality, Reliability, Cooperation for Precious worldwide solutions.

Galvanic Plants
EUROTecniche realizes both manual and automatic customized galvanic systems with highest technology and reliability, 100% “Made in Italy. Every plant realized by EUROTecniche is carefully designed together with the customer, according to his production specific needs, structural and economic requirements.
This customization is the real strength that makes the difference in the field of galvanic plants.

Galvanic Products
EUROTecniche Plating Division meets all needs of galvanic factories thanks to its expertise, quality and precision.
This division is specialized in providing a full range of galvanic products according to every specific galvanic processes and customized bath analysis.
Skilled technicians are always available to grant proper consultancy and after-sales assistance.

Products and Machinery for Finishing and Decoration
EUROTecniche offers a wide range of equipment and products for the treatment and finishing of metals precious.
Thanks to its R&D department, it grants the highest quality of products.
EUROTecniche staff is always available offering a precise, professional and quick service.

Refining and Cupellation
EUROTecniche offers specific products for both gold and silver industries, providing a complete range of equipment for the recovery and the refining of the precious metals.
Being a particularly dynamic and cost sensitive field, the industry of jewellery requires meticulous control on the entire production process, the use of reliable equipment and tools is therefore of paramount importance.
The know-how and the high technology of provided systems help to reduce the impurities on the metals surface, the main cause of many flaws (e.g. high oxidation, shrinkage porosity). EUROTecniche’s plants are easy to use and can realized in any size.

Water Treatment and Recovery
EUROTecniche provides its expertise in the treatment of industrial water by offering specific production system solutions, for a partial or total reuse of water. EUROTecniche boasts a wide range of plants for the treatment and the recovery of industrial water, such as ultrafiltration membranes – suitable for recycling of the waters coming from tumbling and ultrasound, demineralisation plants and chemical-physical systems for the treatment of sewage water.