ELETTROLASER SRLelettrolaser_sedeVia dell’industria 35
37060 Sona (VR) Italy
Tel.: +39 045 608 2365
Fax: +39 045 6088650

Contact: Massimo Grigoli

Web: http://www.elettrolaser.com
Mail: info@elettrolaser.com

Company Profile
Elettrolaser now offers a complete range of machinery for the micro-welding and engraving of metals.
The continuous technological development of our company, permit us to renew annually our products implementing them into the powerful electronics with DSP technology, renewed also in colours, with new graphic touch screen display.
The digital video camera (web cam) is provided as standard on all machines, which means we can be by your side at all times.
Essentially, today it is possible to control all stages of the welding and engraving operations with tele-assistance, using the most popular free internet programs such as Skype, MSN or others. In this way the assistance is more fast.


FiberLuxThe FIBERLUX laser marking is the most technological machine that Elettrolaser has produced.
This machine allows metal objects to be marked, engraving photos, logos and text with a maximum marking area of 180×180 mm.

Master100MASTER 100 was created in 2007 and is a welding laser, smaller in size and with a sinuous and eye-catching design, that offers high work performances at low consumption and zero maintenance.
Despite being a very compact machine, it has a very powerful integrated cooling system; access to the welding is easy, as inspection, thanks to the front door opening.

Mega140_ow6gpx78MEGA is the first machine created by Elettrolaser: from a technological point of view it contains a concentration of six year study in the electronic, optical and mechanical field. The new digital microprocessor, works 100 times faster than traditional systems, and is able to measure the high energy precisely, analysing it and sampling it every 100 micro seconds.
All of this makes MEGA 140 a powerful laser, while at the same time constant and very precise in the repetition of the shots.