EKISSON SRLazienda_259248c2Via Sergio Ramelli 60
52100 Arezzo (Italy)
Tel: +39 0575 380608
Fax: +39 0575 984063

Contact: Alessandra Martini

Web: www.ekisson.com
E-mail: info@ekisson.com

Company Profile
EKISSON is well known in the World for the high quality of its products. The costant evolution, the real and valid technical support and high production standards, qualify EKISSON as international reference brand in the goldsmith and silversmith markets.
The wide range of master alloys, metals and soldering materials, that we produce, are designed to satisfy every working requirement, even the most difficult and problematic, thanks to continuing studies made by our engineers and chemichal department.

Our objective is to continue to invest in new technology and to improve production in order to obtain the optimum standards required by the industry of gold and silver. Our goal is to ensure that who chooses Ekisson products, he gets high quality and standards as well as the guarantee of excellent customer service, pre and post sales.
The metals used for our production and sales are identified by certificates that guarantee the standards of all our products.
All the production steps are controlled for ensuring a high standard of quality and its maintaining throughout the entire process.
The consignments of Ekisson products come with a code number which refers to the fusion process. By quoting this number it enables us to go back to the history of the metal used in that process. This increases significantly the security and quality of the product.