CARLO DE GIORGI SRLCarlo-De-Giorgi-Srl-150Via Tonale, 1
20021 BARANZATE (MI) Italy
Tel.: +39 02 3561543
Fax: +39 02 3561808

Contact: Andrea De Giorgi


Company Profile
Carlo De Giorgi has been operating for more than 50 years in manufacturing sector.
They began as a metal working company (their flexible shafts are still used by leading world industries) then entered the electrochemical sector and, during the Fifties, the field of dental apparatus.
Since then the Carlo De Giorgi’s production is known on the leading international markets.
Carlo De Giorgi’ s interests in the international markets is shown by their participation at the leading world trade fairs and ongoing stimulus for research and quality, both in technology and service, is provided by the challenge the Company constantly accept in striving towards higher levels of performance.

The Carlo De Giorgi current range of production includes Equipment for Goldsmith: Micromotors, Polishing Machine, Microtorch, Portable Dust Suction, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Hanign Motors, Flexible Shafts and Laboraotry Hand.piece