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35030, Caselle di Selvazzano (PD) Italy
Tel: +39 049 8978072
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Contact: Giovanni Bersaglio

Web: www.berkem.it
Mail: info@berkem.it

Berkem: high performance plating solutions

Berkem S.r.l. is an Italian company that develops, produces and markets a vast range of innovative and high performance plating products, in terms of colour, uniformity and durability of the plating, for the goldsmith, silversmith, watch making and fashion sectors.

Berkem’s success, consolidated over the years, greatly depends on the trust its clients place in the distinguished consultancy ability of its sales and technical staff to offer adequate solutions in terms of performance, results and price and the maximum integrity and transparency on the market and all the parties involved in guaranteeing reliability, competence and credibility.

Berkem’s objective has always been to offer clients a quality service and constant quality products to consistently and fully meet market expectations. For this reason, it decided to implement a quality management system for its internal processes recognized at international level by obtaining firstly the ISO 9001:2008 and then ,one of the first in Italy, updating at ISO9001:2015 certification that overrides the previous 2008 , showing the consistent concrete commitment according with our values and customers


100% Made in Italy is a value rooted in the company spirit and identifies the origin of Berkem know-how where culture and manufacturing merge to create ideas, designs and production fully within the plant.


The high performance of Berkem products ensure they are the result of continuous updating of their formulations due to the dedication, competence and intuition of the research technicians, qualified collaborations with national and international universities and with primary research institutes and the persistent experience of company management in knowing how to adapt processes to new technologies and new materials used through numerous and considerable investments in machinery and training.


Berkem offers a precise analysis service of any plating process since it is internally equipped with modern analysis laboratories, which are highly specialist and technologically advanced, dedicated to research and development of new processes, quality control and technical support during the pre-sales and after-sales phases.


The attention with which Berkem listens to its clients’ requirements during pre and after-sales means it provides a highly specialist consultancy and technical support service supported by various tools available to the operators that are easily accessible on the company website, such as the Technical Forum, the useful video tutorials, the constantly updated, adequately detailed and easy to read technical data sheets of the products.


Berkem designs, develops and produces its products, both plating solutions or machinery, internally in its plant in strict compliance with all the standards enforced on the matter. The packaging was designed to meet legal requirements and reduce to a minimum use of materials that are then disposed, limiting environmental impact and ensuring, at the same time, the originality of the product and its perfect maintenance.


The quality controls on the end products are carried out by sampling at the end of each production batch through strict testing of internally established analytical standards to guarantee the products released on the market perfectly meet the quality declared and client expectations, which are absolutely repeatable.


- PRECIOUS plating solutions for bath and pen (Silver– Gold– Palladium – Platinum – Ruthenium – Rhodium)
- NON-PRECIOUS plating solutions (antitarnish – drying– activation/neutralisation – Bronze – burnishing – Nickel – Copper– degreasing– stripping)
- DECORATIVE products (glitter – enamel– coat)