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Company Profile
Legor Group SpA: specialising in metallurgy since 1979.
Choosing Legor Group means being able to rely on the solidity of a company with a multinational organisation, on the technology and dependability of a Made in Italy product, and the precision and rapidity of a service always on hand for its customers, anywhere in the world, with tradition supporting the specialisation developed during the company’s many years of experience in the sector.
Over time the Group has made expertise and comprehensive on-the-ground presence its distinguishing features, giving it the edge over its competitors: splitting of the production lines into Divisions guarantees maximum specialisation supported by unique know-how. Strategically, the Research and Development functions have been maintained within the company, running right across the various Divisions and generating synergies that produce maximum technology with optimised management of costs.
Product and process innovation remain the Group’s strength and are considered the basis for growth together with the necessary in-depth understanding of local markets and customers. In order to develop new technologies and identify potential growth areas, Legor Group works in close contact with academic and research institutions and with important industrial partners on an international scale, thus making the most of a shared qualified innovating force that enables it to rapidly and efficiently offer the market a constant stream of new products.
Today Legor Group is a reference point for gold jewellery and allied markets in all areas involving cutting edge production processes, comprising processing, working and finishing of precious and non-precious metals.

The Legor Group 4 divisions….

The Plating Division of Legor Group offers dynamic and constantly developing plating solutions that accurately meet the technical, process & product and fashion needs of the gold and silver jewellery and fashion accessory market. It has a high level of production technology and a sophisticated in-house Research and Development laboratory able to perform analyses of any type and produce innovative and technologically advanced formulations. The Division specialises in the study and design of plating processes for jewellery surface coating for both protection (anti-tarnish, non-scratch and thickness) and decoration and in the production of equipment for the processes offered.

The Master Alloy Division represents the company’s core business; it offers product lines dedicated to the transformation of metal from a raw material to a finished product, providing full detailed operating support in all the various phases of the production process. Legor Group’s ongoing innovation, expertise and high production standards make it the reference brand on the international gold and silver jewellery market, with a huge range of products:
- Precious alloys ready for use with guaranteed title
- Silver (at title and master alloy)
- Master alloys
- Soldering (drop, powder, paste, liquid and semi-finished products in wire)
- Non-precious metals
- Metal powders for Powder Laser Melting technology

The Machinery and Tools Division offers a wide selection of the best makes of machinery, tools and expendables for various sectors: gold, silver, hobby, eyewear and  dental. It offers quality, rapid delivery and expertise, thus facilitating the day-to-day work of the operator. The Division was set up after Legor Group acquired the historic brand FOV, Forniture Orafe Vicentine, and today has made a name for itself due above all to the wide choice of materials offered for every phase of the production process.

The Dental Division is the result of the metallurgical knowledge of Legor Group applied to the dental sector. The company offers the dental technician its experience, unique know-how and professionalism, proposing a complete line of alloys for dental applications to meet a whole range of different needs. The division also comprises a service for the production of dental structures with Powder Laser Melting technology.

Products: master alloys – ready-to-use alloys – Argentium – Plating solutions and machinery – Machnery and tools for Goldsmith – PLM (powder Laser Melting) service